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Player of the Week

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Undecided FC

The award at Loughton Tuesdays goes to Undecided FC who were in blistering form tonight in a 15-1 win!
They certainly had their scoring boots on and are now the proud holders of a new TFM Tuesdays record high score.
Sam WEAVER, Chris TURNER & Charlie BROWN all scored 2 each, while Ben SLATER & Jordan CHILDS got 4 goals each!
Meanwhile Luke got the other one to complete the rout
Undecided are looking very strong as they finish the season next week and I’m sure they will be challenging for the title in the new season based on this form

Monday, 5 August 2019

Lads Youth FC

Once again the new boys Lads Youth get a mention at Loughton Mondays as they beat the side who were top of the league until this defeat with a superb performance.

Defensively solid, they kept a clean sheet after some more worldy saves from RAOUL!

Noah FRIEND score one of the goals, while skipper Max JESSOP got the other while also providing the assist to FRIEND’s goal

Harry BARRETT, Sam BARRET & Ben BROOKES were brilliant throughout while Will PAVELEY had an unreal debut for Lads Youth FC as they continue their march on their aim of promotion and the title!


Monday, 5 August 2019

FC Ming

The award at Chigwell Mondays this week goes to FC Ming who were on fire tonight.

With arguably their strongest side out this season they were lethal in front of goal

Chris WALLING, Adam HOOPER and Robbie CARTER all got a couple each with a hat trick amongst them too

Danny MARTIN, Ryan OXBORROW & Oli JONES-CHAPMAN all were excellent while Gio CATTINI in goal kept a well deserved clean sheet with some brilliant saves

Monday, 29 July 2019


The award this Monday at Loughton goes to a side who have really improved as of late

Known as a solid side who don’t give much away and are hard to beat, they look back to their best.

Tonight, Skipper James CROWE made some superb saves as usual, and the HARRIS’S were unstoppable!

Ben HARRIS got 2, Alfie HARRIS got one, Jack HARRIS with two, and Richard AKINLADE got 4!

The whole team were excellent so take nothing away from the rest of the lads.

Looking forward to seeing these boys continue this form

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